CoLab Hair Salon St Pete

Love your hair
every day.

Vibe with your stylist.
Look great.
Stop hating the salon.

You can't afford another bad haircut.


Listen, we've all been there. The headbands. The ponytails. The bad bangs.

At CoLab, we're real people who love hair. We've been styling hair for 15* years, and we're tired of people feeling pushed around and taken advantage of by the ones who should be making them feel like a million bucks.

*Shit, that's a long time.



We can help you
express yourself.

150+ Hours of Training Every Year
90% Client Retention*
1000% More Fucks Given

*We like to think the other 10% moved to Bermuda

Here’s what happens next.

Schedule an appointment
with one of our stylists

Enjoy the hell
out of your appointment


Flaunt a style that makes you feel confident

From our clients …

“Erin has been doing my hair for almost 10 years, and now my daughter loves her too. She took the time to listen, even when the direction seemed unclear, and gave her exactly what she wanted. We are thrilled.”